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Terms and conditions

Read these Rules. In case of violation of the provisions of this Regulation by a Partner, Bitteaser.com affiliate network has the right to suspend the display of ads on web resources of partners and / or block the affiliate program or affiliate account.
In each case, the observance of these Rules solved individually with the Partner.
On all matters related to the provisions of this Regulation, Partners should contact support via the contacts form.
Bitteaser.com service reserves the right to change these rules without the consent of the Partners, by sending a notice of upcoming changes to the Partners' contact emails not less than 3 days before the appliance of the changes.

1.1 These Rules govern the general issues of participation in the affiliate Bitteaser.com teaser network.
1.2 Considered by Bitteaser.com, Partners are users of the service who have an account within Bitteaser.com teaser network and currently broadcast advertising block(s) by service's affiliate program on his or her web-site(s).
1.3 In the event of a change of ownership (contact person) of the Web resource that is using an affiliate program of Bitteaser.com service, Partner should notify the support service of Bitteaser.com within three days.
1.4 Partner service Bitteaser.com undertakes replacement code blocks broadcast advertising service within 15 working days from the date of referral to the address provided during registration, you are prompted.
1.5 If there is no previous performed activity on your Bitteaser account, your cashout request can be rejected by our administration.
1.6 Bitteaser is enabled to display its advertising banners on Bitteaser.com users article pages.
1.7 Bitteaser doesn't work with services that are reselling any type of advertising.
1.8 In case of suspended activity/clicks BitTeaser is powered to require statistics (e.g. Google analytics) from its users and can reject their withdrawals if no proof has been provided.
1.9 If click fraud has been found BitTeaser admins block user's account asap and stop its all current campaigns.

2.1 The site should be placed on a commercial hosting. Site visitors - at least 500 unique visitors per day during the past 30 days.
2.2 PROHIBITED display ad units Bitteaser.com service on Internet sites, the content of which includes:
- Violence, racial or any other discrimination, propaganda against any individual, group or organization.
- Information about the hacking of computer systems and programs.
- Harassment of any religious feelings of believers' denominations.
- Obscene lexicon in unreasonable quantities.
- Pornographic materials, advertising pornographic content.
- Information on the remuneration of users for clicking on the ad units-per-view websites or reading emails.
2.3 Adequate content. Not allowed to have an excessive number of repetitive and / or the relevant page content keywords in the text of the page itself and / or its code.
2.4 Do not use special programs and other means, without the consent of initiating visitor:
- Forwarding visitor to unwanted web resources.
- Changing any browser settings.
- Downloading files to user's computers.
- The emergence of pop-ups that a visitor cannot close at will.
2.5 Availability of usage statistics. Attendance records must be maintained from the time of joining the affiliate program. Counter attendance should provide detail on the following criteria: views, visitors, visitor sources, internal referrals, search phrases, browsers.
2.6 In case of using Faucet traffic, percentage of the payment to be made should be discussed with Bitteaser admins (admin@bitteaser.com, admin2@bitteaser.com) in an individual way and depends on the traffics quality and quantity. Same rules are applied to all websites, placed on free hosting, and domain names of third level. Also, websites that were created based on special "platform" like e.g. jimdo.com, wix.com and other blogs e.g.blogspot.com. And having domain names like mysite.jimdo.com, mysite.wix.com,mysite.blogspot.com. Also websites where 20% of the screen or even more is occupied by different advertising blocks.
In all these cases percentage of payments is established individually, depending on quantity and quality of traffic.
Note: All percentages may be negotiated privately, on individual bases.
We GUARANTEE all pay outs to all webmasters, whose websites went through moderation, based on website evaluation.
2.7 ADS of another advertising services can't be scrolled on Bitteaser network.

3. CONDITIONS ad unit
3.1 Affiliate Program (website) connected to one domain can only be used within that domain. Using the same affiliate program within subdomains of this web resource is not possible. To use a different domain, you must register separate affiliate programs (sites).
3.2 Affiliate programs are intended for broadcast ads on web-sites. Display ad units as a result of an application is not permitted.
3.3 Qualitative are those impressions, click-throughs blocks affiliate programs that were committed by the users are really interested content ad unit. All the ways and means of artificially increasing or otherwise changing the number of clicks your ad units with service Bitteaser.com, are prohibited without exception. Such tools and methods include, but are not limited to:
- Involvement of non-target visitors to a page where the broadcast ad units
- Repeatedly pressing the teaser ad units Bitteaser.com network manually.
- Use of special partner programs, services and software to automatically perform clicks, clicks and initiate exchange impressions.
- Requests and appeals, or coercing users to click (to "click") on ad units and / or to navigate to web advertisers.
- Deliberate handling partner users' attention to ad units by any graphic and text elements and techniques.
- Using the Partner software and other tools for forcing the user to perform clicks on ad units.
- Remuneration or the promise of remuneration partner users in one form or another for committing clicks ad units.
- Display ad units while deliberate difficulty user navigation through the site.
- Deliberate change site content to influence the index.
- Placement of partner near or at the site of the advertising block printing and / or images, deceptive.
- Artificial attracting attention to the partner web resources containing ad units Bitteaser.com, through mass emails and intrusive advertising on other web resources.
3.4 Abuse of Partnership Program
Please, be aware, that any action of abuse and cheating with partnership/referral program cannot be appreciated, so all payments and decisions in this case would be under consideration of admins. Every case is individual and we have full right to make our decision concerning misuse of BitTeaser referral program.
As an example, of what actions we consider abusive ( e.g. using referral link by same user in different accounts belonging to the same user).

4. REQUIREMENTS advertising block
4.1 Each ad unit must be published in the form in which it is broadcast teaser affiliate network Bitteaser.com unchanged by the Partner.
4.2 Any change of URL links in ad units is prohibited.
4.3 Code of affiliate programs is added to the code of your web page (s), the site without any changes. Standard form of display ad units can only be changed using the settings specified in the interface Webmasters. Other changes not foreseen in the partnership settings interface, as well as any change in the code produced by the Partner is prohibited.
4.4 Each display ads on Web Resources Partners these ad units must be picked up with the addresses specified service Bitteaser.com Transitions for cached ad units are considered substandard system and are not paid.
4.5 advertising blocks can not be placed on a web page without having text content.
4.6 Ad units are prohibited from using popups.
4.7 It is not permitted for promotional code blocks in the closed sections of web resources or pages, which requires viewing the user's authorization.

5.1 All transitions are committed by a user with Web Resources Partners, which uses one or more of those listed in paragraphs. 2.2 - 2.4 of these Regulations means and methods, as well as other means of artificially increasing the number of transitions considered as substandard.
5.2 All funds accrued partners GETTING transitions are withdrawn from the account of such partners and returned to affected customers service Bitteaser.com.
5.3 Violation of the provisions of these Rules, may result in a warning Partner Abuse and suspension of affiliate programs on the web resources of the partners as well as the termination of the offending account and close the account partner when Bitteaser.com.

6.1 The minimum amount for payout is 0.1 BTC via Cubits and 100 EUR via SEPA.
6.2 Partner is solely responsible for the safety of their login and password to access the service Bitteaser.com and for losses that may occur due to unauthorized use of his username, password and / or access channel. Service Bitteaser.com not responsible and will not reimburse losses caused by unauthorized access by third parties to the interfaces of the partnership account.
6.3 Partner may not transfer to third parties your login and password to allow access to the partner interface and other services provided by the service Bitteaser.com. All activities requiring the use of a login and password are considered the perfect partner.
6.4 If payment in USD via Cubits hasn’t been made within 10 minutes it’s canceled because of continuous exchange rate fluctuations
6.5 Bonus money rewarded on users advertising campaigns can’t be withdrawn

7.1 Teaser Bitteaser.com Affiliate Network reserves the right to refuse to connect to any web resource or block any affiliate program or affiliate account without explanation.
7.2 Teaser Bitteaser.com Affiliate Network is not responsible for undelivered e-mails due to technical problems on the Internet, non-communicating, hosting problems, the work of the anti-spam filters and other independent of the affiliate network Bitteaser.com, reasons.

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