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Are you a blogger or active participant on forums?
Then us and be the BitTeaser's ambassador, and earn % by attracting your people to our network!

BitTeaser is looking for volunteer ambassadors from different countries, who will promote the product among their countrymen, earning on each new user attracted.
Main requirements are: be and stay super active in social networks, forums and blogs, be almost obsessed with social networks, plus be communicative, friendly and result-oriented.

Terms: each ambassador receives individual percentage of income, which depends on his activity on resources (number of posts, answers to users' questions), as well as bring new users. These percentages are the same for everybody in the beginning and later it is discussed individually according to the specific activities and achievements of the ambassador (the number of users brought to BitTeaser).

Every ambassador will have their own admin area at BitTeaser, where profits from different social networks activities, new attracted users and related profits can be tracked, New brought users are tied to the specific referral link, so it is important not to forget to mention it at registration.

What are my steps if I want to be the ambassador?

Write to our admins with the subject I want to be your ambassador: admin@bitteaser.com or admin2@bitteaser.com with short description about yourself and your activity in blogs, forums and social networks (and please provide the examples).
We will have a look, check and will contact you shortly with feedback.

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