Get 50% bonus on 1st deposit!
Get 50% bonus on 1st deposit!
BitTeaser - a promotional tool in the crypto world!2
Make money writing!
BitTeaser - a promotional tool in the crypto world!
Give space for banners - get money back!

We pay up to 90% to webmasters!

Welcome to

BitTeaser: blockchain-based advertising network

BitTeaser is an advertising network based on delivering ‘teaser’ ads. It aims to become the first such initiative to be built on blockchain technology – allowing absolute and guaranteed fairness, a culture of openness, and full and accessible transparency. All click-throughs will be displayed on the blockchain in real-time and can easily be tracked by users.

Fast-growing business network

BitTeaser helps clients prosper by boosting their business through site promotion – either by receiving high quality traffic, or by renting out advertising space for passive income. The system supports CPM and CPC models, with CPA to be implemented shortly. The minimum price per click is 5 cents. BitTeaser currently comprises more than 1,000 webmasters, with monthly growth of around 15-20%; some 500 ads blocks (15% monthly growth); average CPC equal to 5.15 cents; and a CTR (clickthrough rate) of 0.45%.

In contrast to other online advertising networks, BitTeaser offers a number of opportunities for users to earn money. There are options to earn by submitting articles, an affiliate commission rate of up to 10%, donation options to finance any third-party campaign, and a 50% bonus on first deposit. All of these options are supported within the system and available to any user.

In contrast to Google and its well-known restrictions on participating businesses, BitTeaser is prepared to work with any type of enterprise – forex, banks, financial instruments, casinos, faucets, and so on.

Click fraud protection

BitTeaser has spent time developing protection mechanisms so that only fair and unique clicks are counted.


Anyone can deposit and withdraw funds in bitcoins or a wide range of fiat currencies (including USD, EUR and 13 more).

Our Services

For advertisers

Those who create banners/teasers and have a desire to advertise the upcoming/existing content.

- You can first try your advertisement campaign with any preferred budget as you estimate price per click yourself, very flexible price policy and ad sizes. The ability to choose and target specific regions and target to specific regions, countries, languages etc.

Moreover, we can create customize banners to launch your advertising campaign. Need more details? Please, feel free to email us on or

Tip: To make your ads rotate more often, you receive a higher price per click.

For webmasters

Usually currently existing websites with high traffic, and desire to monetize a space on his/her website

- Turn any business/project you have into income! It can be anything from websites, blogs, tweets, to forums etc. We pay you back on time and fairly from what you earned out of advertisers! More real clicks - more money you earn.

For partners

Users who invited either webmasters or advertisers via affiliate link or promo materials

- If you invited a webmaster, you get a percentage from actual banner/teaser clicks -> Percentage of the webmaster's profit.

If you invited an advertiser, you gain money out of clicks on his ads.

After registration, partners are able to see profits and statistics


For advertisers

Flexible price per click
  • Starting point from 1 Cent
  • No limits in banner/teaser sizes
  • Geo-targeting
  • Audience targeting
  • 24/7 Quick moderation
  • Targeting by keywords
  • Clicks with quality control
  • Same account for advertiser and webmaster!

For webmasters

The highest % per click
  • Stable secured paybacks
  • High CTR and cost of clicks
  • Filter of non-desirable/inappropriate ads
  • Flexible settings of ad units
  • 24/7 Quick moderation
  • Adjustable ads rotator
  • Real time statistics
  • Same account for advertiser and webmaster!

For Partners

10% of webmaster profit per click
  • Stable secured paybacks
  • High income from referals
  • Special conditions
  • Privacy
  • 24/7 support
  • Loyalty program
  • Real time statistics
  • Same account as for advertiser and webmaster!

Our Offers

  • Monetize your Articles!Open or Close


    Now you can not only submit your article absolutely for FREE at Bitteaser, but also make money from clicks on banner ads placed on your article page.

    This unique option is available for advertisers and webmasters!

    How to start?
    1. Register at
    2. Go to Submit article page
    3. Add new article.
    4. Fill all necessary fields (you can add links, images and video for FREE).
    5. Specify your Article theme (note: this theme is also chosen to determine the banner ads which will be displayed on your article page).
    6. Advertise your services and earn money from clicks on banner ads placed on your article page.
    7. Check your article income here -

    Share your news and make money with Bitteaser! 

  • Become our webmaster and advertise for FREE!Open or Close

    Bitteaser starts a new promo - more sources of income for webmasters!!

    Register as our webmaster (if you are still not :)), give space in your uploaded article for our advertising blocks, start displaying our ads and you will be rewarded!


    How? - We will sponsor your own advertising campaign from Bitteaser!


    What does it mean?


    - chance to test how it's to be our advertiser with no charge

    - great opportunity to advertise your business for FREE

    - real chance to attract new users from clicks/displays fromyour banners/teasers

    - already funded campaign (you'll have a particular BTC amount you can spend for your advertising)


    So you can not only earn money from placing our ads but also advertise your services absolutely for FREE.            


    A bit oftease from Bitteaser :) 

  • Make 1st deposit anf get your bonus!Open or Close


    For all our current and new users BitTeaser rewards 50% bonus on first deposit!

    Refresh your balance or register and advertise with us!

  • Donate to your advertisements!Open or Close


    We are happy to be the first teaser network providing unique servicefor our clients - Donate option for all our advertisers.

    How does it work?

    Advertiser can add Donate link to his banners or integrate Donatebutton placed on balance page. Once clicked on it, anyone is able todonate some money (either Bitcoins or fiat) to advertiser balance.

    How to activate this option?

    Just choose Get donation for my ads campaign once creating your advertising campaign (or editing current ones) and donation link will be added to all your banners.

    You can also go to and integrate Donate button with our code to attract more donators via forums, social networks, etc.

    Receive donations and advertise your service!

  • Affiliate ProgramOpen or Close

    ref-icon.pngFollow the most profitable bitteaser affiliate program and earn up to 10% from each referral


    All users, that have followed a link from your web page will be tied to your account and whatever you do, we will always share the revenue with you!

    ref-icon.pngHow much will you earn?

    We offer revenue share plans for advertisers and publishers you refer.

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