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What is BTSR

BTSR is a digital token distributed to users willing to help support and maintain BitTeaser, a decentralised advertising network. Ownership of BTSR includes but is not limited to a monthly buyback option based on income from BitTeaser activities, as well as the possibility of realising additional income from trading the BTSR token on supporting exchanges – the first of which is the decentralised exchange platform OpenLedger, also known as the DEX.

BTSR is a very easy way to invest in advertising. You do not need to have technical, financial, or analytical knowledge or skills. All you need is your own account on OpenLedger to store your purchased BTSR, allowing you to monitor any value changes of the token easily, as well as trading on this platform or other exchanges – whether your investment is short- or long-term.

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Total issued:
3,400,000 BTSR
Available to buy:
BTS price:
BTC price:

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